Crossbody Strap (PU)

TORRII KNOTTY PU Leather Series of Crossbody Strap

Torrii selects eco-leather materials based on a balance of functionality and simplicity. It is made of high-quality and soft PU leather material, providing a gentle feel to you. Whether you are a fashion icon, office worker or a hipster, this phone strap can easily complement various fashion styles.

|| Features ||

  • It features 15 adjustment holes, allowing you to adjust the length to fit different heights and body types.
  • The phone strap is equipped with a D-shaped metal buckle, making it convenient for attaching your favorite accessories or small ornaments.
  • Compatible with any phone model; with black and frosted transparent phone tags that can be easily attached or detached from your phone case.
  • Compatible with wired and wireless charging, you don’t need to remove the phone tag.
  • Environmentally friendly materials; the strap is made from eco-friendly materials, in line with modern environmental trends.
  • The metal buckles are made of durable zinc alloy material.

|| Handcrafted Woven Series with 2 Color Options for Endless Styling ||

  • Black
  • Khaki

|| Product Specifications ||

The product includes the phone strap, phone tags, and metal buckles. 

The phone is not included.

  • Brand: TORRII
  • Product Name: TORRII KNOTTY PU Leather Series
  • Material: PU leather
  • Strap Length: Approximately 106-130 cm (excluding metal buckles; 15 adjustment holes to customize the length)
  • Strap Width: Approximately 1.2 cm


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