TorriiBolt USB-PD & QC 3.0 Universal Travel Adapter III

|| Features ||

  • Slide-out plugs (compatible for USA/Japan, Australia/China, UK and Europe) & universal 100V-240V AC input enable travelers to connect TorriiBolt USB-PD & QC 3.0 Universal Travel Adapter III in more than 200 countries.
  • 2 USB ports + 2 USB-C ports + 1 AC wall plug allows charging of up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • USB-PD and QC 3.0 USB-C output delivers up to 45W power to charge USB-C devices or Quick Charge compatible devices at high speed.
  • A spare fuse is provided with this adapter.

# The USB-PD Port works with the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Nintendo Switch, Chromebook or other USB-C devices up to 45W; and provides fast charging to your iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 8 or later.
This adapter does NOT convert Voltage. Please ensure the input voltage of all electronic devices to be connected matches the voltage of the local mains network.

|| Product Specification ||
Product Name : TorriiBolt USB-PD & QC 3.0 Universal Travel Adapter III
Fuse Rating(AC Socket) : 8A Max.
Max. Power(AC Socket) : 880W at 110Vac, 1840W at 230Vac
AC Input : 100-240Vac 50/60Hz 1000mA
Total DC Output : 45W Max.
USB-C Output : 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓2.25A (45W Max.)
                            Compatible with USB-PD and QC3.0
                            USB-PD output auto adjust to 30W Max when other USB output (C1, C2, A2) are used simultaneously
USB-C1 Output : 5V⎓3A
USB-A1 Output : 5V⎓2.4A
USB-A2 Output : 5V⎓2.4A
Total Output C1+A1+A2 : 5V⎓3A(15W Max.)
Weight : ~175g
Dimension : ~78 X 55 x 52.5mm


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