Wrist Strap

TORRII KNOTTY Gradient Series of Wrist Strap

(Gradient Color Hand-Woven Collection for Phone Strap / Pouch Strap)

Wrist strap is designed for busy urbanites who spend a huge amount of time using their smartphones. It allows you to carry your phone at ease. 

|| Features ||

  • Compatible with any phone model; with black and frosted transparent phone tags that can be easily attached or detached from your phone case.
  • Compatible with wired and wireless charging, you don’t need to remove the phone tag.
  • Dual-purpose design; our product has a metal hook which allowing you to attach your pouch, accessories, cardholder or work ID, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly materials; the cotton rope is made from biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, in line with modern environmental standards.
  • All metal hooks are made of zinc alloy, ensuring durability and longevity.

|| Hand-Woven Collection with 3 Colors for Your Mix and Match ||

  • Gradient Blue
  • Gradient Green

|| Product Specifications ||

Product includes only the phone wrist strap, phone tags, and metal hooks.

The phone is not included.

  • Brand: TORRII
  • Product Name: TORRII KNOTTY Gradient Series
  • Material: Pure cotton
  • Strap length: Approximately 34 cm (excluding the metal hooks; with slight variations due to hand weaving)
  • Strap width: Approximately 1.5 cm


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