Canvas – Pokémon iPhone 15 Pro / 15 Pro Max Case

thecoopidea x Pokémon has launched a new Canvas phone case featuring the MagSafe magnetic function. This product serves as a protective case that closely wraps around your mobile phone. It offers exceptional transparency, allowing the color of your phone to shine through while providing a minimalist aesthetic.

Key Features :

  • Equipped with MagSafe magnetic suction function
  • Highly transparent design with adorable Pokémon patterns
  • Provides scratch and collision resistance
  • Resistant to oil stains
  • Does not interfere with wireless charging functionality

Now is the perfect time to enhance your iPhone with your favorite Pokémon characters! The delightful smiles of these lovable characters on the back of your phone are guaranteed to brighten your day.

The CANVAS mobile phone case is a slim and transparent protective case. It safeguards your phone without adding bulk, allowing you to showcase your preferred phone color alongside charming Pokémon characters.


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